Back in Stock! Kimber EVO SP CDP (Custom Defense Package) NS – 9mm 7+1 – Night Sights – Meld Treatment – G10 Grips – 2 Magazines
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Back in Stock! Kimber EVO SP CDP (Custom Defense Package) NS – 9mm 7+1 – Night Sights – Meld Treatment – G10 Grips – 2 Magazines

Status: In Stock as of January 26, 2021

Category: Handguns
Brand: Kimber
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Manufacturer SKU: 3900011 (Manufacturer Link)
Caliber: 9mm
Number of rounds: 7+1
Barrel length: 3.2"
Weight: 18 oz.
Features: Night Sight. Meld Treatment. 7 Rounds - 2 Mags
Condition: New In Box!
Price: $829 Credit! $30 Shipping by UPS Air!

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Back in Stock!

Designed to be the ultimate choice in concealed carry pistols, EVO SP (Striker Pistol) was tailored by Kimber engineers to be the best shooting and most well equipped compact metal framed pistol on the market. Not only was EVO SP machined to the tightest allowable tolerances it was also put through multiple iterations of hands-on human factors testing to ensure the best possible user experience before finalizing the design. Standout features include an innovative grip system that eliminates hardware on the grip surface, a magazine release that can be configured for right or left-handed shooters, a striker indicator that allows for both a visual and physical confirmation the striker is cocked, ledged night sights for single hand manipulations and a sight picture no matter the light conditions, and a 6-7lb trigger with crisp reset. EVO SP is the ideal choice for shooters that demand a feature packed, compact size striker-fired firearm matched with all metal construction.

The EVO SP (CDP) (Custom Defense Package) combines all of the premium features of the EVO SP Two-Tone such as beveled magazine well, deep crown barrel and TRUGLO Tritium PRO but with the added streamline carry melt treatment for improved draw and reduced chance of snagging on clothing. The EVO SP (CDP) also feature a set of heavy duty G10 grip panels and backstrap with diamond checkering for better purchase. The EVO SP (CDP) ships with two 7 round magazines.

Note from The Scopesmith: After discontinuing the Kimber Solo, that was a very successful pistol but very picky with ammo, Kimber took two years to develop the EVO mechanism to be everything the Solo was intended to be. Tests of the EVO show high reliability with all brands and grain weight of 9mm ammo and the new EVO is more ergonomic and safe than the Solo.




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