Back in Stock! Beretta 1301 Comp – Competition Shotgun 12 gauge 24 in I/C Choke – Optimabore HP system
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Back in Stock! Beretta 1301 Comp – Competition Shotgun 12 gauge 24 in I/C Choke – Optimabore HP system

Status: In Stock as of May 23, 2019

Category: Shotguns
Brand: Beretta
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Manufacturer SKU: J131C14N (Manufacturer Link)
Caliber: 12 gauge 3"
Number of rounds: 5+1
Barrel length: 24"
Weight: 6.7 lbs.
Features: "Blink" fast loading system. Optimabore HP Choke system.
Condition: New In Beretta Case
Price: $1,059 Credit, $1,038 Cash! $30 Shipping by UPS

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1301 Comp: Ready to Go for 3-Gun Matches, Practical Shooting

The Beretta 1301 Comp semiauto shotgun is designed to win tactical competitions right out of the box. Designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding tactical shooters, it cycles faster than the competition, handles like a dream and has oversized controls for super-easy operation, plus an oversized loading and ejection port allowing for a multitude of loading style (load-2 or load-4 included). Available in two barrel lengths (21” and 24”), it features a drilled and tapped receiver for Picatinny rail mounts. And thanks to its Optimabore HP interchangeable choke system, it can also be adapted for other uses and will always perform like a Beretta.

Lightning-Fast Shooting, Easy Operation

The 1301 Comp features Beretta’s proprietary Blink gas-operating system, which enables it to shoot 4 shots in less than 1 second–that is, 36% faster than any other brand. But even with this tremendous advantage, Beretta’s engineers did not stop there. The controls are supersized so that the 1301 can be operated quickly and easily when seconds count: the cocking handle, bolt-release lever as well as the loading and ejection ports are oversized for simple and intuitive use under the heat of competition.

Ultra-Durable Steelium Barrel

The barrel of the 1301 Comp is made of Steelium, Beretta’s own steel blend designed to give premium performance even after tens of thousands of rounds. It features a stepped, wide sporting rib that minimizes mirage, and it has both a mid-bead and front fiberoptic sight for instinctive pointing under most lighting conditions. And thanks to the Optimabore HP choke system, the 1301 offers unmatched ballistic performance, with constant patterns regardless of load used.

Best-in-Class Tactical Stock

Having worked with military and police forces all around the world, Beretta offers you decades of experience building firearms that meet the strictest demands of professional shooters. The 1301 embodies this experience, with its short stock with aggressive non-slip checkering for positive handling under the stress of competition. Also, the length of pull is user-adjustable so that this shotgun will give you the best fit and the most natural pointing regardless of your shooting style, thickness of clothing or body size.

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New for 2017! SAKO JRMBG70TB A7 Big Game 7mm Magnum with 24.4in Fluted and Threaded Barrel and Muzzle Brake – Stainless with Synthetic Stock – Scope Bases – 3+1
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New for 2017! SAKO JRMBG70TB A7 Big Game 7mm Magnum with 24.4in Fluted and Threaded Barrel and Muzzle Brake – Stainless with Synthetic Stock – Scope Bases – 3+1

Status: In Stock as of May 23, 2019

Category: Rifles
Brand: Sako / Tikka / Beretta
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Manufacturer SKU: JRMBG70TB
Caliber: 7 mm Magnum
Number of rounds: 3+1
Barrel length: 24.4"
Weight: 7.5 lbs.
Features: Stainless. Fluted. Thraded with Muzzle Brake.
Recommended Scope: Swarovski Z5 or Z8, Nightforce SHV
Condition: New in Box!
Price: $1,119 Credit, $1,097 Cash! $30 Shipping by UPS.

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New for 2017! Now with Threaded Barrel and Muzzle Brake! Bolt Action Rifle Perfection. The Sako A7 Big Game TB is the definition of Finnish rifle perfection. It comes with an aluminum bedded, rough texture coated stock (Roughtech) that has been optimized for excellent balance, guarantying excellent posture for fast and accurate shooting.

The stock’s right-hand palm swell is a feature rarely found on production rifles, and is a nice touch enabling the shooter to grip the gun more naturally. The recoil pad is thin, but dense, and mounts to the shoulder pocket remarkably well. A non-glare satin stainless steel finish has been professionally done.

Plain and simple, the Sako A7 Big Game is custom build quality at a production price; well below what a master gun maker would normally charge for comparable hand crafted results. It’s built to exacting standards and is backed by a sub- M.O.A. (5- shot group) accuracy guaranty at 100- yards.

Bolt action rifle shooters love a smooth action. Sako set the standard by which all other rifles are judged, which is certainly the case for Sako’s A7 exceptionally smooth bolt travel. In the event of a case rupture, the A7 Big Game includes a bolt shroud to protect the shooter. The rifle also possesses a red cocking indicator just below the shroud.

Sako is the national rifle manufacturer for the country of Finland, with a long tradition of producing supremely accurate, high quality military and hunting arms since 1919; just shortly after that nation declared independence from the Russian Empire. Is distributed in the USA by Beretta USA that provides is large service organization to Sako for your peace of mind. The rifle features a free-floating barrel whose blank is drilled, honed, cold hammer forged, finished and finally individually inspected by the some of the most skilled rifle technicians in the world.

It has been fluted to reduce weight and enhance cooling. Measuring 24.4″ long 1:9.5 twist, the barrel is the optimal length for extended carry and rapid deployment from a vehicle or blind, while still capable of delivering terminal ballistic performance throughout all standard hunting distances. The barrel is also threaded with a 15×1 right hand thread pitch, and includes a thread protector and muzzle brake.

The two lug bolt of an A7 provides vault like strength and a tight lock-up. Long before the current trigger revolution began, Sako rifles have always enjoyed a solid reputation for breaking cleanly and smoothly; and the A7 is no exception. Best of all, it’s user adjustable from 2-to-4 pounds. A durable aluminum alloy guard protects the trigger and helps to reduce the overall weight of the rifle.

This gun is equipped with a co-polymer box magazine, which is comprised of 50% nylon and 50% fiberglass, that has a unique mechanism that locks the magazine securely in place, ensuring that it will not be accidentally fall out. Referred to as a “Total Control Latch”, this system ensures that, while on the hunt of a lifetime, you’re not going to get stranded with a single shot rifle. To release the magazine, simply push it upwards, while simultaneously depressing the release lever. Into addition to loading and unloading from a detachable box magazine, the rifle can also be loaded from the top.


SAKO A7 TB w Box

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