Should I own a “Race Gun”?

Posted: April 13, 2017, 11:08am

A “Race Gun” is a gun designed for the fastest and more accurate shooting possible in a competitive situation. Other considerations like ability to carry, concealability and even safety (just a little) are secondary. A race gun should, definitively, not be you first gun or purchased if you are still not comfortable with fast shooting. Their very low trigger weight may cause an inexperienced shooter to unintentionally double tap and the low recoil and optical sight may spoil him/her into bad habits hard to get rid of when using a normal handgun. Why having one then? Obviously the first case is intending to participate in “open gun” competitions. You do not want to lose and get frustrated just because you are using inferior equipment than your competitors. The second, very powerful reason is finding out how good you can become as a shooter. By removing recoil, accelerating reload and providing a high visibility sight these guns in the hands of top Steel Challenge shooters can hit five 10” plates between 30 and 60 feet away in around two seconds! A lot of fast shooting challenges can be safely and easily simulated in the range providing a lot of fun. Please call us (281)384-1482 if you are curious about Race Guns. Below is a picture of a new model, the STI DVC Steel ($3,599) that epitomizes the current race gun configuration and capabilities.


DVC Steel Text

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