June 2016

Shooting Old West revolvers. Sometimes is all about the joy of shooting!

Posted: June 27, 2016, 12:03pm

In these threatening times for gun ownership sometimes you just need to step back and remind yourself why the second amendment is so precious to defend. In the old west the concept of self-defense and gun ownership was obvious. Is tremendously fun to shot replica guns of the period. You will be amazed of what those 19th century designs can accomplish!

Options for the shooter nowadays are still plentiful. The first would be to shoot one of the perfect replicas made by Colt of the Single Action Army (SAA) revolver. Unfortunately even those modern replicas are becoming collectibles due to the ups and downs of Colt. A second option would be to shoot one of the high-quality Uberti/Pietta replicas imported by Cimarron Arms and others (picture in the left: the Cimarron Evil Roy highly tuned SAA). These replicas are design-identical to the original SAA but made with modern metals and manufacturing techniques. They are the best option for the shooter that wants the original feel and high quality at affordable prices. The last option is to shoot one of the modern replicas from Ruger like the Vaquero (guns center and right in the picture). Ruger, while maintaining the original “feel”, re-designed the SAA mechanism to be 100% safe to carry. A great family option when safety is more important than authentic design (you could argue that is always the case).


Cowboy Guns - Cimarron Evil Roy and Ruger Vaqueros

Access to Cimarron Arms guns!

Posted: June 14, 2016, 9:24am

Based on our relationship with two distributors we have access to the beautiful western replica guns (fully functional shooters) offered by Cimarron Arms. For now, we are not planning to stock them but you can see the very interesting lineup of models they have in their website:

As an example here is the picture of “Holy Smoker” made famous in the great Russell Crowe western “3:10 to Yuma” (please click the picture for better resolution)


Holy Smoker

Check them out and place your order!

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