May 2016

A low cost power enhancement to 300 Blackout rifles

Posted: May 25, 2016, 2:18pm

Most of us dedicate at least one of our 300 blackout rifles to tactical use with either a Red Dot or a low power scope. That prevents us to reliably test new bullets/reloads¬†for accuracy or just to have fun in the range; as we are limited by our eyes. A low cost option for that second 300 blackout rifle (or as a detachable accessory to our main one) is the new¬†Nikon 6797 P300 2-7x 32mm Obj 1″ Tube Dia Blk BDC Super/ Subsonic 300 Blackout Reticle $179. The low recoil and low range of the subsonic 300 Blackout make this affordable scope sufficient for load testing or just having fun!

Nikon 300 BO

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