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  • Enter the New Gun Room (Click Here)
  • Steiner Military Scopes! Now in The Scopesmith!
  • The B.E.A.S.T. is unleashed. Get yours first! Taking early orders - call (281) 384-1482. Nightforce B.E.A.S.T. - Best Example of Advanced Scope Technology.
  • Kimber pistols now in the store.
  • U.S. Optics - Why wait? Most popular configurations ready to ship!
  • With which one you rather shoot? The Scopesmith in-stock scope. Printout of our competitors' "Special Order"
  • Enter the New Gun Room (Click Here)
  • NIGHTFORCE in our store now!
  • Call (281)384-1482 or visit our Houston Store for Badger Ordnance products
  • Trijicon scopes and ACOG in our store!
  • Coming soon to the Houston store: Kimber
  • Looking for Redding Reloading Equipment? Call (281)384-1482 or visit our Houston Store.
  • Here comes the R.E.P.R.!The Houston store now carries LWRC Products.
  • See our expanded list of gunsmithing and FFL services on the Houston store page.
  • Hunting dangerous game? We carry the largest inventory of low to mid-magnification scopes - with or without illumination!
  • Join the Marines - you can too (the cool toys part).
  • We are not a camera store - we know our scopes inside out.
  • Authorized dealer of A.R.M.S., Inc.
  • Swarovski Optik's Ballistic Turret models are available.
  • Authorized dealer of GG&ampG.
  • Authorized dealer of Nemesis Arms.
  • Authorized dealer of Blaser.
  • Authorized dealer of Aimpoint.
  • Authorized dealer of Beretta and Sako.

Do you want top quality optics and accessories?

Did you just get your dream rifle and want to match it with a top scope right away?

Is your hunt or competition around the corner and you need to upgrade or replace your optics?

Do you like getting support in the selection or installation of your optics?

Would you rather pay less and get your product now than paying more and waiting 4-16 weeks?

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions you are in the right place! At The Scopesmith we carry in stock multiple units of a large selection of high-end scope/reticle combinations. As soon as we sell one scope we re-stock our inventory. While others may just take your name, payment information and place you at the end of the manufacturers' line, at The Scopesmith you are likely to get what you need shipped to you right away. When you see "IN STOCK" for the scope you want it means that one or more units are in our store ready for immediate shipping. Even when we are temporarily out of stock, since our re-stock order was placed days or weeks before your purchase, you are likely to experience a shorter wait than anywhere else.

PS: We matched our scope lines with the best available bases and rings. Please check them out!

Authorized dealer of:

Authorized dealer of Schmidt and Bender, Swarovski Optik, Redding Reloading Equipment, and Badger Ordnance. Go to the store now!

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